A Glimpse Inside The Only Pet-Friendly Cruise Ship In The World: Cunard

— Bring your pets to sea!

One of the only downsides to embarking on a cruise vacation is leaving your fur baby behind at home. Lucky for you, if you decide to sail on Cunard’s Queen Mary 2, you can bring your dog, cat, or ferret aboard to enjoy the vacation. Queen Mary 2 offers furry guests 24 kennels, play areas, and even has a pet owner’s lounge! This ship travels between New York City and Southampton, England on a seven night cruise. If you’re interested in learning more about bringing your pet with you on Cunard’s Queen Mary 2, keep reading! 

How to book

Contact Cunard’s customer service line at least one year before your embarkation date to reserve your pet’s ticket. This ship can only accommodate 24 pets onboard at one time, so reserve a spot as soon as possible! Cunard’s pet-loving staff will ask you to provide medical conditions, medications, and feeding or dietary restrictions before you set sail. 


Bringing your pet aboard the Queen Mary 2 isn’t cheap by any means, but it’s well worth it knowing that your pet will receive top-quality care throughout your voyage. Cunard determines the price of your pet’s ticket based on the weight and size of your animal. Large pets are around $1,000 each and smaller pets cost around $800 (prices are subject to change). 

What’s included? 

Cunard’s Kennel Master and assistants will cater to all of your pet’s needs during their stay. Some services offered include pampering, feeding, and exercising on their own private deck area. The Kennel Master even leads a dog parade, showcasing all of the adorable furry cruisers onboard! You can visit your pet any time during operating hours in an off-leash dog area or indoor play area. 

What has an additional cost? 

Cruisers will be given the opportunity to purchase photographs from a private photoshoot with their pet! If you’re feeling like treating your pet even more, Cunard allows guests to send treats via room service. Room service fare includes steak, chicken, biscuits, cookies, and more! 

What are the requirements? 

  • Every pet must be microchipped.
  • Pets must have a rabies vaccination 21 days or more prior to sailing.
  • All pets must have a Veterinary Certificate within 10 days prior to sailing.
  • Dogs are required to be treated for heartworm within 1-5 days prior to sailing.
  • If sailing from New York City, owners must also possess a Health Certificate for 30 days prior to entering the state of New York.

Would you consider bringing your furry friend aboard Queen Mary 2? Let us know in the comments! 

By Danielle Morris

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