Cruise Living: Behind the Scenes Of A Crew Member 

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The unforgettable cruising experience for passengers wouldn’t be possible without the exceptional services provided by the amazing crew. Like passengers, crew members also reside, operate, rest and conduct their activities on board the ship. In fact, crew members sign contracts to be aboard for up to 8 months!

On a cruise ship, there are several positions that crew members hold, they all serve a specific purpose. From the captain, who leads the crew and navigates the seas to the concession workers, they are there to provide exceptional service. Every crew member contributes to the overall operation and guest experience and satisfaction! Keep reading to find out more about each crew member’s duty on board and how their work behind the scenes creates an unforgettable vacation for passengers. 

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Exciting career options are abundant on cruise ships. Ranging from maintenance, navigation and even entertainment. There is a role for anyone interested in this remarkable industry. Cruise ships resemble cities at sea, providing an array of diverse positions to consider. 

Engineers operate, maintain, and repair various mechanical and electrical systems. They ensure everything from the engines to the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems works properly. Engineers play a crucial role in keeping the ship running safely and efficiently!

Captains of the Cruise Ships are the ultimate heroes on board! They are responsible for safely transporting travelers from one location to another. They monitor and evaluate conditions such as currents and wind speeds, ensuring the cruise ship stays on course. Their intensive training and years of experience ensure a smooth voyage for everyone!

The Deck Crew’s goal is to maintain the ship’s exterior, like cleaning and painting, to keep the ship looking new and beautiful! They also help passengers with embarking and disembarking.

Passenger safety is the main priority!

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Passengers’ safety is the crew members’ main goal for crew members. The medical and security Personnel play a crucial role on a cruise ship. They are responsible for ensuring the well-being of everyone onboard! With their knowledge and experience, they are ready to handle any situation. The presence of the medical staff members and security personnel will give everyone onboard peace of mind, knowing they are in good hands. 

The ship’s medical staff is an indispensable part of the crew dedicated to providing medical care and assistance to all passengers and fellow crew members. Their expertise allows them to operate the medical facility round-the-clock to ensure the well-being of everyone onboard.

Similarly, the security personnel on board are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of everyone, making them crucial team members. With constant monitoring and conducting security checks 24/7, their primary goal is to give passengers peace of mind and make their safety the utmost priority.

Food on board!

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The role of the Chef on board is unparalleled as they oversee the entire kitchen operation and create delectable meals to satisfy every cruise-goer’s palate. With an abundant variety of food options available, the Chef dictates and supervises the kitchen staff’s training to ensure the delivery of high-quality and safe meals that exceed guests’ satisfaction. The Chef is always prepared to deliver delectable five-star meals on board.

The waitstaff’s goal is to provide an exceptional dining experience, by welcoming passengers and assisting them to their tables. The waitstaff makes sure that all tables are ready to serve. While passengers wait for their food, they can enjoy the vibrant music. The waitstaff team will always make sure cruise-goers have a fantastic dining experience! Let’s not forget the bartenders on board, they will make sure to provide one of a one-of-a-kind experience with all drinks made to order! You say it, they make it! 

Spotless all around!

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The Housekeeping team works wonders akin to godmothers, tirelessly ensuring immaculate cabins and public areas. Their pivotal role in establishing a clean, comfortable, and pleasing ambiance while sailing the seven seas is unmatched. From maintaining spotless cabins to ensuring sparkling clean public restrooms, the housekeeping team does it all.

A little extra!

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Concession workers may be contracted by independent third-party businesses operating within the ship, such as gift shops, casinos, and various other forms of entertainment. Their job is to ensure that passengers have access to a diverse range of products and services, enhancing their overall experience.

On a cruise ship, everyone is crucial in ensuring passengers have a smooth and enjoyable journey at sea. While working through stressful situations, the crew often share laughs and unforgettable memories. They approach each day intending to deliver passengers the best and most exciting experience. A team of dedicated professionals is necessary for smooth ship operations, and each member plays an important role in creating a delightful experience for onboard passengers.

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By Ilvea Lezama

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