The Life Of A Digital Nomad

— Here is how you can travel and work remotely!
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As more and more companies offer their employees remote positions, the travel industry has been experiencing a tremendous shift. Many remote workers are opting to become location-independent, working their traditional jobs from their laptops as they wander the globe. This type of traveler is known as a digital nomad, and their lifestyle is shaking up the travel industry. In this blog, I’ll give a brief breakdown of digital nomadism and explain why I think the cruise industry is perfectly suited to accommodate these location-independent travelers. 

What Is A Digital Nomad?

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As mentioned, a digital nomad can work their job from anywhere in the world, allowing them to live a lifestyle of full-time travel while maintaining the careers they cultivated back home. This privilege of working while traveling grants digital nomads the incredible opportunity to discover new destinations, learn about fascinating new cultures, and develop close relationships with people all across the globe. 

Digital nomads are blessed with the freedom and flexibility to hop from Internet connection to Internet connection without sacrificing the economic benefits of their full-time, stable jobs. It is thus no wonder that more and more people are beginning to try this lifestyle out for themselves, and as they do, the travel industry is racing to develop more resources and infrastructure to support them. And cruise companies are not an exception. 

What Cruise Ships Have to Offer Digital Nomads

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The cruise industry is perfectly designed to accommodate the wants and needs of location-independent travelers. Often referred to as floating cities, cruise ships come equipped with every utility and amenity imaginable, such as delicious food, hot water, health and wellness facilities, and nightlife and entertainment. And while cruises also have a reputation for providing unreliable onboard Internet access, the rise of the digital nomad incentivizes cruise lines to fix this issue quickly.

Cruises align perfectly with the digital nomad lifestyle because they offer travelers all of the comforts and luxuries of a stable home while also providing the nomadic experience of waking up in a new port every couple of days. While taking advantage of state-of-the-art infrastructures onboard cruise ships, digital nomads can get equal doses of work and play all while satisfying their desire to travel the world. 

Another benefit of cruise travel is the ease with which it connects fellow travelers and supports the development of strong friendships. On cruises, you have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. From your fellow cruisers to the friendly crew to the locals in port, you are destined to meet like minded and not-so-like minded individuals that can expose you to diverse experiences and perspectives. This unique social experience, mixed with the onboard amenities and constant traveling, makes cruise ships the perfect option for digital nomads. 

The Nomad Cruise

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This remarkable feature of cruises bringing travelers together is the main principle behind the Nomad Cruise, a cruise company specifically designed to connect digital nomads and provide them with a host of networking, educational, and social opportunities. These week-long cruises to various global destinations are marketed as “conferences at sea,” providing hundreds of digital nomads with keynote speeches, group excursions, networking events, and more.

In addition to this unlimited access to the digital nomad community, travelers aboard the Nomad Cruise get to take advantage of everything your typical cruise vacation offers, such as the nine onboard restaurants and bars, four swimming pools, movie theater, spa and fitness center, and, of course, breathtaking sunset views over the Mediterranean. As more and more globetrotters adopt a nomadic lifestyle in the coming years, travel agencies such as the Nomadic Cruise will only become increasingly popular. 

The Future of Digital Nomadism

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The work and travel landscapes are merging, and digital nomads are quickly taking advantage. As more and more cruises such as the Nomad Cruise begin operations, digital nomads will have more opportunities to try the cruising lifestyle for themselves. And due to the incredible onboard amenities and unique social experience that cruise ships offer, this feels like a match made in travel heaven. 

Written by Tyler Jeremiah

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