Here Are Five Tips If You Get Seasick On A Cruise

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So, you’ve just stepped onto your cruise to start your dream vacation after months of planning. But as soon as you hear that horn and the shoreline becomes more distant by the second, the room begins to spin, and you feel those notorious symptoms of nausea. Then, you start to think, what next? So, here are five ways you can deal with seasickness while on a cruise. 

Watch the Horizon 

This is an age-old trick that many seafarers advise. According to Carnival Cruises, this works  because the horizon is a “stable focal point.” Since seasickness is a disconnect from what you’re seeing and experiencing, staring at the horizon allows you to reset your equilibrium and gain your sea legs slowly. 

Get Some Air

This method can be combined with watching the horizon. Feeling the cool air on your face as you stare at the horizon is an excellent way to gain control again. It allows you to focus on controlling your breathing as you take deep breaths. By concentrating on your breathing, you won’t be thinking of how sick you feel. 


While eating may be the last thing on your mind, Celebrity Cruises recommends keeping your stomach full. They suggest snacking and eating small meals throughout the day, which may help you feel better again after 24 hours. To remain hydrated, you should also drink water, soup, and ginger ale. In addition, greasy foods and alcohol should be avoided during this time. Greasy foods will make you more queasy, while alcohol will cause dehydration. 

Natural Remedies

While you’re in the dining area, ask for some ginger or citrus candy or even a green apple. Norwegian Cruise Line isn’t sure why it works, but it’s a tried and true method that cruise crews swear by. Anything with ginger is recommended as it is known for helping with upset stomachs and getting rid of nausea. 

Check-in at Guest Relations

If you’ve tried these methods and still feel the effects of seasickness, you might have to visit guest relations. They will either have some temporary remedies or direct you to the gift shop, where you’ll have a selection of over-the-counter medications. These will range from patches to sea bands and motion sickness pills. 

While these methods are for if you’re already on a cruise ship and experiencing seasickness, you can take other precautions just to be safe. For example, you can choose a room closer to the middle of the deck, as there will be less movement, or book a cruise that will sail on calmer waters such as the Mediterranean or Caribbean Seas. Seasickness doesn’t have to mean the end of your fun; with these tips, you can get back to smooth sailing much faster.

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