How To Enjoy A Cruise As A Solo Traveler

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As any serial cruise passenger will tell you, cruises can be life-changing experiences. Sailing to faraway destinations with a drink in your hand and the tropical breeze flowing through your hair is enough to convince anyone of the luxury of cruise travel. But is it possible to enjoy the cruise experience as a solo traveler? 

While cruises are well-known for everything they have to offer families and couples, in recent years they have become popular vacation options for solo travelers. Many cruise lines have begun catering to this crowd by offering special amenities to passengers flying solo. In this blog, I will share some of these accommodations as well as some tips to keep in mind when embarking solo on a cruise vacation. 

The Importance of Solo Travel

Speaking from personal experience, solo travel can be at once a thrilling and nerve wracking ordeal. During a solo trip, you are the only one responsible for getting yourself from point A to point B, solving the problems that arise, and taking care of yourself. To be a successful solo traveler, you need to be comfortable with the uncomfortable, and you need to cultivate an unshakeable trust in yourself to guide you through the journey. 

Cruises allow solo travelers to step outside of their comfort zone, while still taking advantage of the traditional luxuries of cruise travel. From single occupancy cabins to group dining options, cruises have a variety of amenities and accommodations in place to help solo travelers make the most of their trip while staying safe and responsible while doing so. 


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Accommodations are typically the most expensive factor in booking a cruise vacation, which remains true to solo travelers. While many newer ships have single occupancy cabins, it is still common for solo travelers to be required to book a standard double room. And even on newer ships with single studios, many cruise lines charge a “single supplement.” 

The “single supplement” is cruise companies’ way of ensuring they don’t lose money when solo travelers book double occupancy cabins. It consists of an additional surcharge of up to 100 percent of the initial fare that solo travelers must pay in order to book their cabin. In addition to this single supplement, many cruise companies require solo travelers to pay double the port fees and taxes during the voyage. 

To avoid these additional charges, be sure to read the booking terms and conditions on your cruise line’s website before confirming your trip. Furthermore, many travel agencies offer deals and discounts for solo travelers looking to avoid these additional costs. For more tips on how to avoid these hidden fees, check out this blog from Solo Traveler World. 


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While the thought of dining alone can be nerve wracking for some, cruises make the process simple and seamless with the variety of dining options available. First and foremost, many cruise lines have buffet-style options that allow passengers to choose the specific menu items they’re craving. These buffets give passengers the freedom and flexibility to eat what they want, where they want, and when they want, making it the perfect option for solo travelers who want a more casual dining experience.

But even the more luxurious, specialty dining options aboard cruise ships have begun catering to solo travelers by offering assigned group dining. At the beginning of the voyage, passengers can opt-in to be assigned a seat at a table filled with other singles and solo travelers. These groups are fixed for the duration of the voyage, meaning that solo travelers have the opportunity to meet and develop friendships with each other. 

Lastly, dining solo is always an option, allowing the passenger to spend some quality time with themself. This can be an incredibly valuable part of the solo travel experience, as it allows you to truly engage with the present moment and soak up the wonder of cruising solo.


Traveling solo on a cruise gives you plenty of entertainment options. From spending a sea day lounging by the pool to taking a sunset salsa dance class, solo travelers have the luxury of picking and choosing from everything their ship has to offer. 

There are plenty of opportunities for solo passengers to join group activities such as workout classes, group meditations, and academic lectures. These are the perfect places to meet new people and form friendships on board. Furthermore, many cruise ships offer single mixers and group events specifically to help cruisers meet fellow solo travelers. There are even certain cruise lines that offer singles-only cruises that offer a plethora of events and activities meant to foster an inviting social atmosphere amongst its guests. 

Lastly, one of the best things about solo travel is that you can pick and choose the events you want to participate in and the ones you want to skip. If you don’t feel like being social one night, you are free to sit back and relax in your cabin. 

In Port

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Traveling solo on port excursions is a luxury many cruisers never experience. Going solo on these days allows you to call all of the shots. You can take the tours you want to take, eat at the restaurants you want, and spend as much time shopping for souvenirs as you and your wallet can handle. Solo traveling gives you limitless opportunities that port destinations have to offer. 

In terms of specifics, most cruise lines organize group tours and excursions on port days that allow solo travelers to follow a predetermined itinerary with their fellow cruisers. These tours include hiking excursions, local history tours, food and wine tastings, and more. Due to price variations, many passengers opt to find local guides and group tours in the port instead of relying on those organized by their cruise line. Solo travelers have the luxury of weighing their options and picking the itinerary right for them. 

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Cruises have much to offer for solo travelers seeking a formative and unforgettable experience. From single occupancy accommodations to group dinner seating to adventurous port excursions, cruising solo has never been more inviting. So the next time you’re trying to plan a cruise vacation, consider giving yourself the gift of a solo trip. I guarantee that you won’t regret it. 

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