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A cruise to see the Aurora Borealis, better known as the Northern Lights, can be a magical and unforgettable experience. While the Northern Lights are the primary attraction for many travelers, the journey to see them often includes other natural and cultural wonders! Keep reading to discover what travelers can see and do on a Northern Light Cruise. 

Aurora Borealis

aurora borealis
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The Northern Lights are a breathtaking natural phenomenon, one of the main reasons why passengers travel on a Northern Lights cruise. Experiencing the Northern Lights is a remarkable and enchanting event, resembling a mesmerizing choreography of luminous hues. Scheduled during optimal viewing periods, Northern Lights cruises offer a rare opportunity to witness this magical spectacle, typically occurring in winter months at high latitudes. It is important to consider that the visibility of the Northern Lights might be affected by elements such as weather and solar activity. Appreciating the wonders of nature, one should remain understanding if any of these factors hinder the viewing of this extraordinary phenomenon.

Arctic Wildlife

closeup photo of killer whale on body of water
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During a Northern Lights cruise, numerous destinations present chances to encounter Arctic wildlife, including reindeer, moose, Arctic foxes, and perhaps even polar bears, contingent on the specific region. Additionally, passengers may have the privilege of delving into the history of polar exploration and learning about renowned adventurers like Roland Amundsen or Fridtjof Nansen, whose journeys are often intertwined with the captivating Northern Lights. In locations such as Norway and Iceland, passengers might also be able to embark on daytime whale-watching excursions, a highly popular activity in these remarkable regions.

Unique Landscapes

reflection of snow mountain on body of water under white sky
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Passengers on cruises are frequently transported to breathtaking and secluded landscapes, encompassing frozen fjords, icebergs, glaciers, and snow-covered tundras. These mesmerizing landscapes are a sight to behold, providing abundant photography opportunities to capture and share with loved ones back home. Particularly, cruises in Norway and other Nordic countries navigate through enchanting fjords, amplifying the chances for unrivaled scenic cruising experiences.

Arctic Towns

a row of buildings on a cobblestone street
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During cruise itineraries, there are opportunities to visit quaint Arctic towns and villages, where passengers can engage with locals, sample traditional cuisine, and purchase distinctive local souvenirs. Passengers sailing through countries such as Northern Sweden, Norway, or Finland can immerse themselves in the rich customs, art, and lifestyles of the indigenous Sami people. Moreover, those venturing towards destinations like Iceland can unwind in geothermal hot springs or indulge in traditional Finnish saunas to rejuvenate themselves after chilly nights of Northern Lights spectacle. Lastly, select cruise itineraries align with local winter festivals and events, providing passengers with a chance to partake in the merriment.

An Inside Look

person standing under green aurora borealis
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On many cruises, passengers can partake in onboard lectures and workshops conducted by experts who specialize in the Arctic region and the captivating Northern Lights. The primary objective of these sessions is to enrich passengers’ understanding and knowledge about this natural phenomenon. These cruises serve as a perfect platform for stargazing and gaining insights into constellations and the night sky in general, ensuring optimal conditions for sighting the resplendent Northern Lights.

The journey to witness this astounding spectacle is unparalleled, offering an abundance of remarkable experiences and breathtaking sightseeing opportunities. Opting for a Northern Lights cruise presents a distinctive and unforgettable mode of exploration, allowing travelers to delve into the magic and beauty of this natural wonder.

If you plan on embarking on a Northern Lights cruise, do let us know if you intend to indulge in any of these activities!

By Ilvea Lezama

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