The Soggy Dollar: A Must-Visit For Any Caribbean Traveler

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The Soggy Dollar is a bar, restaurant, and resort located off the coast of the British Virgin Islands on Jost Van Dyke Island. This unique bar is known for creating the iconic Painkiller cocktail. Both tourists and residents enjoy visiting the Soggy Dollar. It is renowned for its laid-back atmosphere, mouthwatering cuisine, and delicious cocktails. Be sure to visit the Soggy Dollar if you’re thinking about traveling to the Caribbean. You won’t be disappointed! 

The History Of The Soggy Dollar

Boaters used to anchor in White Bay and swim ashore to the bar, which is only accessible by boat. The cash they had been carrying in their pockets, which would be wet from the swim, would be used to purchase their drinks, hence the name “Soggy Dollar.” In the 1970s, the previous owners of the Soggy Dollar are said to have invented the famous Painkiller cocktail that most vacationers know and love. This cocktail is the perfect blend of rum, cream of coconut, pineapple, and orange juice, topped with grated Grenadian nutmeg. 

How Can I Visit?

Like the boaters who first swam ashore to sip on an authentic Painkiller, patrons must follow suit. Cruisers embarking on an Eastern Caribbean itinerary that includes a stop at St. Thomas, Tortola, St. Thomas, or St. John can look forward to an array of boating excursions, including a visit to this popular destination. Additionally, there is a convenient ferry service available on both St. Thomas and St. John that sails directly to the Soggy Dollar.

Restaurant And Hotel

Surprisingly, not everyone is aware that there is also a Soggy Dollar restaurant! Indulge in delectable dishes, ranging from mouth-watering cheeseburgers to fresh lobster rolls, while enjoying the delightful assortment of rum. The Sandcastle at Soggy Dollar Hotel is voted number one by USA Today’s 10 Best, offering rates starting at $390 per night. Given its popularity and intimate setting, it is required to make reservations at least 11 months in advance to secure your stay. 

Whether you choose to grab a Painkiller and bask in the sun on Jost Van Dyke Island or stay a bit longer at the Sandcastle Hotel, this amazing destination is a must-visit for your bucket list! Will you visit the Soggy Dollar on your next Caribbean vacation? Let us know in the comments! 

Check out the Soggy Dollar Bar live webcam:

By Danielle Morris  

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