The Top 5-Types Of Themed Cruises

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Many people tend to think of vacations as an opportunity to escape everyday monotony, but what if you could combine the best parts of your life on land with a cruise vacation? That’s exactly what themed cruises have to offer!

Themed cruises allow passengers to choose a cruise that caters specifically to a common passion, hobby, or interest. Music lovers can book a music cruise with live performances from their favorite bands; couples can book romantic getaways where they can mingle with other couples; sports fans can celebrate a world championship from the comfort of the on deck swimming pool. The options are endless!

In this blog, I will share five types of themed cruises that may be perfect for your next sea voyage vacation.

Music Cruises

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One of the most popular types of themed cruises is the music cruise. These cruises are perfect for all of the music lovers out there who spend their free time hopping from concert to concert, as they feature live performances from bands of every genre. From classic rock to disco to reggae to blues, music cruises have something to offer fans of every genre. 

While the emphasis of these cruises is on the live musical performances, these vacations pack a whole lot more into their itineraries. For example, many famous bands such as Kiss, New Kids On The Block, and Paramore organize cruise vacations where the stars interact directly with their fans, offering live Q&A sessions, dance parties, and even sharing a drink at one of the many onboard bars. 

Music-themed cruises allow passengers to enjoy specialized onboard entertainment with a group of like-minded passengers who share a passion for music, all the while sailing through some of the world’s most popular cruise destinations. If your dream is to share a drink with a famous musician after hearing them perform your favorite song live, then a music cruise might just be the perfect option for you. 

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Hobby Cruises

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The hobby cruise is designed for the traveler who wants to spend their vacation learning or improving a new skill or craft. More academic in nature, these cruises emphasize fostering a warm community among its passengers while they learn something new. One popular example of the hobby cruise is the knitting cruise, a fun-filled experience focused on teaching novice knitters and experts alike the latest trends in stitching patterns and yarn materials. 

And while many of these hobby cruises focus on crafting communities, there are also many entertainment-themed voyages that specialize in creating a space to celebrate TV shows, movies, and comic book series that boast large, enthusiastic fan communities. Some popular examples are the Duck Dynasty cruise, the Star Trek cruise, and the Steampunk cruise. Essentially, whatever your interest, there is likely a hobby cruise that specializes in it, allowing you to combine your passion and interests with an unforgettable vacation experience. And besides, who wouldn’t want to learn how to knit while sailing through the Caribbean? 

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Sports Cruises

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For all of the sports lovers out there, sports-themed cruises are the perfect way to mix your passion with your vacation. These cruise packages aim to provide guests with nearly limitless opportunities to play, watch, and talk sports, all the way sailing through paradise and enjoying all of the amenities that your typical cruise has to offer. 

One aspect that makes sports-themed cruises stand out from the other cruises mentioned on this list is the theme-specific itineraries. Whereas many themed cruises stick to a basic Caribbean route, many sports-themed cruises travel to destinations that allow passengers every opportunity to connect with the sport. For example, many golf-themed cruises travel to famous golf courses around the world, such as Portrush in Northern Ireland or Pebble Beach in California. 

Other sports cruises plan their itineraries around championships and tournaments such as the soccer World Cup, giving sports fans the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch world renowned athletes play their favorite sport. Whether your favorite sport is American Football or Nascar racing or Cheerleading, there is sure to be a sports-themed cruise out there for you!

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Couples Cruises

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Couples cruises are another great choice for a themed cruise vacation, as they are tailor-made to give couples the romantic getaway of their dreams. Whether you’re newlyweds or celebrating your fiftieth anniversary, these cruises are bound to offer the perfect opportunity to connect with your partner and truly deepen your love for each other without distraction. 

Couples cruises have incredible itineraries to offer, from candlelit dinners overlooking the ocean, tango dance classes on the main deck under the stars, to a private couples massage in the health and wellness center. And for the more adventurous couples, these cruises offer romantic port excursions such as a romantic picnic on an active volcano in Hawaii or a guided tour through Verona, Italy, the setting of Shakespeare’s infamous Romeo and Juliet

Give you and your partner the gift of celebrating the love you have for each other by booking a couples cruise today. It’s what you deserve!

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LGBTQ+ Cruises

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Another type of themed cruise that has risen in popularity over the years is the LGBTQ+ cruise. Similar to the couples’ cruises mentioned above, these cruises focus on providing a safe, inviting place for LGBTQ+ travelers to meet, mingle, and relax. While a majority of cruise lines prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation on board their cruises, members of the LGBTQ+ community have created their own cruises where they can openly enjoy everything that a cruise has to offer with fellow members of their community. 

Like every type of cruise, LGBTQ+ themed cruises vary in both itineraries and destinations. Some focus on offering intimate experiences for couples, others bring passengers to famous gay-friendly port destinations such as Amsterdam, and others organize themed onboard entertainment such as drag performances or Broadway karaoke. 

If you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community and want to spend your vacation with other like minded individuals, then consider booking an LGBTQ+ cruise for your next voyage!

For a list of the best upcoming LGBTQ+ cruise vacations, check out this post from Refinery29.

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Themed cruises offer the perfect opportunity for passengers to merge their passions with their vacations. By embarking on a themed cruise, you are giving yourself the gift of personalized entertainment, while enjoying all of the luxuries that cruises offer. Whether you want to watch your favorite band perform live on deck or have a romantic getaway with your partner to celebrate your anniversary, there is sure to be a themed cruise out there waiting to make your dreams come true.

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