What Not To Do On A Cruise Lido Deck

— You’ve been warned

A sea day on a cruise is the perfect time to enjoy and explore the ship’s onboard amenities. There are many opportunities to meet other cruisers and participate in activities while eating and drinking with game-changing views. While sea days can be fun, sometimes things can get out of hand when out and about onboard. It’s important to know what not to do to ensure everyone has a great experience! Keep reading to learn four things I suggest you avoid doing on the lido deck.

1. Jacuzzi Mosh Pit

When relaxing in the jacuzzi, it’s easy to ignore how many other guests are inside the water. As much as you want to join the party, it’s best to wait 10 minutes for the jacuzzi to clear up before your turn. I say this because you may be unable to get out of the water with so many other people enjoying the space. Trust me, it’s best to be able to get out when you’re ready rather than having to wait an hour

2. Chair Hogging

Word to the wise, don’t claim a chair in the morning without actually sitting in it! This is something that we’ve all seen onboard a cruise, and it’s simple to avoid this. If you’re reading a book or sipping a mimosa, lounge out on your pool breaks and make the most of your spot under the sun. To really make the most out of your chair ownership, push an umbrella over your head to truly own it! 

3. Leaving Sandals Behind

You truly don’t know how much you need your sandals until they aren’t with you. The outer decks on ships are extremely hot. It is crucial to make sure your shoes are with you before stepping out of your shady lounger. Wear your sandals around the deck and take them off before jumping into the pool to avoid the heat on your feet! 

4. Being A Cruise DJ

As much as you may love your taste in music, not everyone wants to listen to your playlist. It’s important not to bring your music to the pool unless it’s through your earbuds. There’s already so much action onboard, and there’s a poolside DJ for your entertainment. The noise from a speaker may distract other cruisers from relaxing and could easily distract from other events occurring on the outer decks. 

You’ve heard it from Drop The Anchors! Make the most out of your days at sea and follow these simple rules to ensure that you’re smooth sailing. 

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