What To Know About Cruise Medical Centers

— Incase you find yourself in a medical emergency!

When you board your cruise, you probably aren’t thinking much about the possibility of needing medical care onboard. But if you do happen to get injured or sick while cruising, do not fear – cruise medical staff and medical centers will have you covered. 

Medical centers on cruises are typically located on one of the lower decks. Most are set up like a regular doctor’s office, including a waiting area, check-in desk, and individual care rooms. The centers are well-equipped with everything passengers may need. These facilities are maintained by ship personnel, who are trained as traditional physicians and nurses. 

Here, we will highlight a few cruise lines with high-quality medical centers on the seas. 

Carnival Cruise Line 

Carnival Cruise Line’s Medical Centers are available throughout the day and have medical personnel on call at all times. Medical personnel onboard vary from one physician and three nurses to two physicians and three nurses. 

Carnival Cruise Line Medical Centers can handle routine injuries and illnesses, but they can also initiate stabilization in case of more severe issues. The Medical Centers are equipped with standard equipment like defibrillators, but some ships even have X-ray machines. Guests have access to top-notch medical care aboard Carnival Cruise Line. 

MSC Cruises 

All MSC Cruises have a Medical Centre, which is well-equipped for guest emergencies. The Medical Centres are overseen by each ship’s doctor and additional medical personnel. Emergency services are available around the clock.

All medical staff and onboard staff also receive disability training, helping them to serve all guests aboard MSC Cruises. Guests will be kept safe and healthy aboard MSC Cruises. 

Norwegian Cruise Line 

Norwegian Cruise Line prioritizes guest health with its state-of-the-art medical centers. Staffed by highly-qualified personnel, these centers serve the crew and the guests. 

All ships are equipped with defibrillators, cardiac monitors, x-ray machines, and lab equipment. Personnel keep in close contact with Norwegian Cruise Line’s shoreside teams to ensure high-quality care and safety in emergency situations.  

No matter which brand you cruise with, your medical needs will be attended to on the seas. Before your cruise, make sure to research your ship’s medical center and check it out once you board! 

By Lily Ogburn 

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