Why Making New Friends On A Cruise Is Important

— Leave your trip with new pals from across the globe!

Whether you’re a solo traveler, a couple, or a group of friends looking to meet like-minded people, cruises are a great opportunity to make new friends. Cruise ships are very social places, and many passengers will come away with a handful of new friends from all over the world.

But with thousands of strangers onboard a single ship, making friends on your next cruise can seem overwhelming. Here are our top tips to help: 

Choose the right cruise

If you’re looking to meet new people on your next cruise vacation, think about the type of cruise. For example, your chances of making friends on a singles or solo cruise are higher than on a family cruise (where passengers likely have their hands full already), and you don’t have to be looking for a romantic connection to join a singles cruise. Many people are there to do the same thing as you: have fun, and make new friends. Or consider booking a themed cruise – based on things like films, music, and other hobbies – where you’re sure to meet people with similar interests.

Join social media groups in advance

You don’t need to wait until you set sail to start making connections. Many cruise companies have their own social media pages, and Facebook groups for your specific voyage are often created in advance (and if there isn’t one already, why not start one?) They’re not only a great source of information in the runup to your trip, but a convenient way to chat with fellow passengers and organize a sailway meet-up. 

Enjoy sea day events

Check your cruise planner for onboard events and activities (the easiest way to do this is likely via your cruise line’s dedicated app). Activities can range from cooking classes and wine tastings to karaoke, lectures, and trivia quizzes, depending on your cruise line. These activities are the best way to meet new people with similar interests and strike up a conversation.

Look out for solo traveler meet-ups

Similarly, many cruise lines cater to the fast-growing single cruise market by running dedicated slots for solo traveler meet-ups and hosting parties for single travelers. Keep an eye out for solo traveler-specific events in your cruise planner, or why not ask to set one up with your fellow passengers?

Sit at large tables at dinner

Is there a better way to form new bonds than over some good food and a glass of wine? One of the easiest ways to make friends on a cruise ship is to skip the table for two and make sure you dine at the big tables in the main dining hall. You can usually sign up for assigned seating so that you’re with the same diners every night, or choose the more common mixed option so you can meet a variety of different people. 

Join in on sport and exercise activities 

Just like in real life, sporting activities and the gym are great ways to make new friends. Most cruise ships will have onboard gyms and running tracks where you can chat with fellow joggers, while larger ships may have tennis or basketball courts, perfect for challenging fellow passengers to a friendly match. Even on smaller ships, you’ll be able to partake in games such as ping-boll or shuffleboard.

Throw yourself into excursions

Coco Cay | Photo: Royal Caribbean

It’s not just onboard the ship where there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people, but off-board, too. Whether hiking, zip-lining, snorkeling, city tours, or simply shopping, offshore excursions are essentially group activities for people with similar interests, so the more you partake in, the more opportunities you have to make friends. 

Don’t be afraid to strike up conversation

This may seem obvious, but being friendly and approachable – and not being afraid to initiate conversation – is the easiest way to make new friends on your next cruise adventure. As well as scheduled activities, there are plenty of places on cruise ships designed for socializing, such as lounges, bars, pools, and observation areas. Hang around, maybe bring along a deck of cards, and see who you meet. You might just find a friend for life. 

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