How to Enjoy A Cruise Without Drinking Alcohol

— Relaxing and getting away is all you need for your vacay!

The cruise industry prides itself on being an inclusive and safe space for all travelers. Whether you’re a broke college student or a laid-back retiree, a family with small children or a couple on your honeymoon, there is sure to be a cruise line out there waiting to serve your needs. And while most cruise ships are equipped with a number of bars, restaurants, and clubs that serve alcohol, there are a near-infinite amount of alternative activities to keep yourself entertained without needing a drink. 

On most cruise ships, you will find swimming pools, dance competitions, academic lectures, and live entertainment. These provide the perfect opportunity to occupy both your mind and body without having to consume alcohol or be around people who are. 

Another place to unwind both physically and mentally is your ship’s health and wellness center. Health professionals can help you set up a workout plan, guide you through group meditation classes, offer full-body massages, and so much more. 

Furthermore, port excursions offer guests the freedom to tailor their itineraries to their specific needs and interests. From hikes to beaches to restaurants to museums, ports are the perfect place for travelers to explore new cultures and have exotic adventures. And the best part is you can tailor your port excursions to your desires and interests, making the curation of an alcohol-free experience simple and seamless.

Many cruise companies have also started offering a wide variety of alcohol alternatives in their services and packages. Carnival Cruise Line, for example, has recently updated their drink menus to include alcohol-free cocktails and wines. By partnering with Lyre’s Spirits Co., they have created non-alcoholic versions of their most popular cocktails, giving passengers the opportunity to enjoy a high-quality beverage without sacrificing their sobriety.

Restaurants on board offer a lively and inclusive atmosphere for everybody. From buffet style meals to five-star dining experiences, you are sure to find something that satisfies your taste buds. Many cruises also offer live entertainment during meals, allowing guests to enjoy performances by professional artists without having to go to a bar or club. 

Lastly, if you would prefer to avoid being around alcohol altogether, there are now a number of cruise lines and travel planning companies that organize fully alcohol-free cruises and travel packages.

At the end of the day, cruises have something for everyone. A necessary part of fostering an inclusive environment aboard cruise ships is to offer a diverse lineup of activities and entertainment for everybody to enjoy. And while many people choose to cruise because of the generous alcohol packages, it is more than possible to enjoy a sea voyage without drinking.

By Tyler Jeremiah

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